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holistic wellness solutions

Goal / Objective

KDR Wellness is a holistic wellness company that specializes in serving beginners, women, and those in recovery. They aim to provide their clients with the knowledge & understanding to care for their physical body, wellness, & health.

We worked with KDR Wellness to create a visual brand identity that resonates with their ideal clients; allowing them to feel seen, supported, and understood throughout the process. Additionally, the website is designed to provide potential clients clarity around which services will help them meet their wellness goals.


Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

Web Design

Social Media Graphics

Email Graphics


KDR Wellness is a retainer client we work with on a regular basis.


For their first project we created:

  • Brand Book & Identity

  • 5-page Website Design

We have also provided:

  • social graphics for their signature workshop

  • continuous updates on the website


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