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Goal / Objective

We worked with Gabrielle Chappel to build the foundation for her personal brand, visual identity, and online presence. GabChap has an extensive background in digital production and on-air hosting. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City she aims to use her culinary knowledge and production skills to provide brands and businesses with creative solutions.

The website will act as an online home base for potential clients and collaborators to view Gabi's work, story, and mission.


Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

Web Design


Brand Identity & Guidelines

  • 20-page PDF document outlining the details and parameters of GC's visual identity


  • 3-page Web Design with the goal to guide potential clients through Gabrielle's background and current offerings

portfolio page - GC-01.png
portfolio page - GC-06.png
portfolio page - GC-09.png
portfolio page - GC-10.png

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