Arielle Frank

A Letter to Myself from 5 Years in the Future

Arielle Frank
A Letter to Myself from 5 Years in the Future

Dear Arielle,

You are strong. Believe it or not

you get through this.

The amount of strength and resilience inside of you still shocks me.

You’ve pushed a lot of trauma aside to become the woman you are and to accomplish all that you have… but now all those things you’ve pushed down are coming back up and you feel like you’re drowning.

I’m here to tell you a secret that you’re not going to want to hear:

You can stand up.

You may feel burn of the chlorine down your throat and your lungs gasping for air, but girl all you have to is stand. You’re in the shallow end.

You’ve been on this self-destructive path when the reality is you have every resource, skill and talent to succeed. And it’s okay that you’re down right now. You’ve been through so much, but please be kind to yourself. Give yourself space to feel, to remember, and to anguish. But you also need to give yourself the space to love, to grow, and to feel joy.

Every part of you - angry, depressed, lonely - is worthy of love. You are worthy of a prosperous life.

You do not need to suffer. You do not need to be in pain anymore.

You have every right to stand up for yourself. For who you are.

You have it in you to get up again. I am living proof of that.

So please, get back up. I need you. The world needs you. You have so much more to live for.