Arielle Frank

Under Arielle: Part 2

Arielle Frank
Under Arielle: Part 2

Under Arielle: Part 2

Here we go bbs, part two of my series “Under Arielle” ! Go to the Instagram page @underarielle to view the project in full and follow for more posts :)

The first part of this project was all about recognizing that change needs to come. It’s about feeling an unrest, or an unhealthy attachment to sources outside of yourself. Feeling like you don’t have control, and then breaking out of that - letting all that gold light shine out from you.


Here, in Part Two we start to let go and lean in. There’s still some resistance… the fear of the unknown. Of what life looks like without the tired, old stories that we’ve used to identify with… Of what life could be like if we just decided to be happy, and to be free.


Laugh with me.

love with me.

let your voice ring

allow the echoes of laughter

fill the room, fill you up.

Smile with me.

hold space for the butterflies

in your stomach

and let them breathe in the

fresh air. watch them flutter

along with the vibrations of our laughter


our song is the sparkle on the river

our harmony is the color of the leaves

we are free here. so be here.


when i let you go

will i still feel you in the dusk of autumn

will i still see you

strung along the strokes of my truth

if i let you go

will i hear your calm in the whisper of the trees

when i let you go will i

forget you

dont let me be without you

dont let me let you go

IMG_4907 new.png

I surrender

To the fire

That burns inside me

That sparks my passion

And sets fire to my doubts

To the air

That carries me

Closer to my power

That whispers truths

And fills my spirit


To the water

That flows around me

And throughout me

Tears that pour into

Knowledge and intuition

To the earth

That grounds me

Trees and leaves

Who dance with me

Blades of green tickle me

And challenge me to stay still

To follow through

I surrender