Arielle Frank

Under Arielle: Part 1

Arielle Frank
Under Arielle: Part 1

I believe we’re all made from the same stardust.

Collective particles of the universe’s secrets.

Crafted into bodies that move, feel, create and thrive.

Minds that wander, dream, design and challenge.

Spirits that long, ache, lift and love.

And as the time goes on so does the

trauma, the

heartbreak, the

loss of life and love.

They reshape us

Mold us

Into versions of ourselves that we must

meet again

and again

and again.

We take so much time building layer

upon layer

over the depths of our soul,

our stars.

I invite you to chip away each layer of


grief &


I urge you to remember who you are

who the universe needs you to be.

This series can be found in its original form on Instagram @underarielle,

Below you’ll find a collection of photos from the first part of this project, shot by the lovely Haley Jakobson, as well as the words that go along with it.


Leave me alone, she begged.

But he persisted.

inch by inch, minute by minute.

continuing on, though she whined.

her body shook.

her breath lost.

it was as if she wasn’t herself.

she hid herself away.

deeper and deeper into herself.

Reacting only to wht was

presented to her. seeking an

escape in every form. Turnin

up every sense, all volumes maxed

to mute reality

a puff here, a show there -

yeah, why not another drink.

Anything to turn up the noise of

you’re not enough

& the whispering, seductive

you’re worthless.


Here we are again.

I’m not surprised you’re here.

You’re always here to catch me.

To comfort me.

To make me feel safe.

But we have a problem.

You’ve been tricking me.

Keeping me trapped.

I know you’re trying to protect me.

But I don’t need you anymore.

I know it’s dangerous out there,

but it’s okay, because I’m stronger now.

I’m brighter than I’ve ever been.

And I now you won’t let me go.

Which is why I’m leaving you behind.


Thank you.

You’ve done right by me, but it’s time.

I don’t need you anymore.