Arielle Frank

Shine Through the Darkness

Arielle Frank
Shine Through the Darkness

A couple days ago I was looking through my emails just like any other day.

You see, I’m a notification freak. One little red “1” on the corner of an app and I have to get rid of it immediately. So, I open my email and see a message sent to me through SquareSpace (where I host my website). This is weird because my blog is like a little journal, I write shit when I want with no schedule or really any promotions. So, when a representative invited me to come to a pre-screening event for The Darkest Minds I was like - is this real? They want ME to come? And, apparently 





    And it was A BLAST. I can’t overstate how grateful I am to receive this invite, and that I had the fabulous opportunity to see this awesome film before it’s released, nonetheless at the gorgeous Crosby Hotel.


    For those of you that don’t know the premise of the movie here’s a little synopsis:

    A neurological disease affecting children plagues the world, and only 10% of kids survive. Of the survivors they all have different “powers”: telekinesis, wicked smarts, the ability to alter electricity, breathing FIRE, and mind reading and CHANGING. Yeah, you read that right the ability to alter peoples thoughts and memories. So, of course this scares the government shitless and the whole damn country goes into lockdown throwing kids in camps and shooting em dead if they're too powerful.

    Now, within all this there’s of course, a love story. And when I tell you this story made me feel like a teenager melting in her seat - I’m not exaggerating. That “I can’t be with you but I can’t see my life without you” kind of love pretty much makes my heart explode. It was sweet, heart-wrenching, and honestly just real damn cute.

    So, if a sci-fi plot with a teenager rom-com love isn’t up your alley then this may not be for you… But, at the end of the day it has a beautiful message: 

Embrace who you are.



    The whole movie we follow Ruby - the lead played by Amandla Stenberg - who battles with her power; the most rare of all, as most children at her level were killed years prior. She hides it the majority of the movie and anytime it comes out she’s afraid to hurt the ones she cares about, or accidentally enable fear in those around her she wants to keep close.

    Now, not all of us - or any of us - have the ability to alter the course of someones memories or send thoughts into their minds, BUT we do all hold something special that others don’t. You may have the ability to capture a smile with a camera so pure you can hear the laughter through their eyes. You could work overnight shifts at the hospital with the patience of an angel, seeing unimaginable injuries, caring for the sick and unwell with not a hint of nausea. You could have the incredible bravery to risk your life by running into a burning building to save others trapped, and awaiting death. 

    Whether you are smart, creative, courageous, disciplined, or just naturally gentle and kind - you have a gift. You have a gift that makes you rise above what you thought was possible. You carry something so pure that it would be a shame to not share it with the world. No matter where your abilities bring you, the world needs them to shine. The world needs you to SHINE. To come out of the darkness and share with the world how bright you really are.


Big thank you's go to:

20th Century Fox - for the invite to the pre-screening, I'm so blessed and grateful for the opportunity

Drybar - for always making my hair look incredible

TopShop - for the gorgeous dress that made me feel like a Hollywood star (I linked the dress for you guys, just click on "TopShop")

Aldo - for all the accessories that made the outfit really come together

Mariel - my best friend, for accompanying me and taking truly fabulous shots of me. Your patience is appreciated and valued more than you know <3