Arielle Frank

23 Things I Learned in My 23rd Year

Arielle Frank
23 Things I Learned in My 23rd Year

23 was a ROUGH year. And I know, I say this every year... but for real. Last year was full of loss, heartbreak, and change. I thought I had life figured out at 18. I moved out of Long Island and into the big city. I worked a full-time job supporting myself while in school. I was an ADULT. And I was, but now - I wish I was able to tell my 18-year old self that life was just beginning.

Birthday with Cat

As many melt-downs as I had at 23, last year was also filled with beautiful, hopeful memories that I will carry with me through the rest of this magical life. I feel more myself than ever and much of that is thanks to what I learned at 23.

Here's to another fantastic, crazy, mind-blowing, busy, and knowledgable year! (Shout out to my best friends for forever making me feel like the boss-ass unicorn bitch that I am and taking the most perfect birthday shots ever. I love you more than words can manage.)

Birthday Babes


  1. Not all love is ever lasting but all love is worth having - no matter how short-lived it may be.
  2. Embrace every version of yourself. You are not who you were 10 years ago and in 10 more years you won’t be the same you are now.
  3. Having a home is not a luxury - it is a choice. We build our homes within ourselves; it is up to us to decide how we want to project that in the place we sleep.
  4. Your style is ever changing; stop trying to put a label on it.
  5. Not everyone will agree with the decisions you make - that doesn’t mean you should question the decision.
  6. Embrace the booty. You don’t fit in low-rise jeans. You will never fit in low-rise jeans.
  7. Being passionate is not a burden - it is a gift. Treat it like such and feed it everything it needs to thrive.
  8. Not relying on your creativity and artistic skills to pay the bills does not mean you are not an artist.
  9. You can’t judge your current relationships based on past relationships. Two people are not the same and just because someone hurt you doesn’t mean every relationship will end in pain.
  10. All pain is temporary.
  11. You’re not the only one who deals with daily anxiety. Although this is comforting, it doesn’t give you an excuse to not treat it.
  12. Dressing the part is more important than you thought. Take that to heart and start dressing for the position you want, not the one you have.
  13. That said, you don’t need to show your belly button off every chance you get. It’s cute, but you just don’t.
  14. Grocery store shopping doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. 
  15. Exceeding expectations is always a good move.
  16. Change is hard as fuck, but overcoming change is the only way to grow.
  17. Growing up mentally and emotionally feels like growth spurts from the inside.
  18. Take compliments.
  19. When your friends are there to help take it. Stop being so afraid to ask for it - but don’t be mad with whatever that help may mean. They’re harsh, but they love you.
  20. Embrace all love wholly and fully. Let it enter every pore of your skin and every molecule of your being. 
  21. Crying openly in a movie theater is therapeutic.
  22. You don’t need to give everyone an explanation for the decisions you make.
  23. Getting older is beautiful and wonderful and you are LUCKY to have lived another year. 
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