Arielle Frank

Because Normal Is Boring

Arielle Frank
Because Normal Is Boring
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I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14 years old. In my early years of High School I was into punk-pop, which meant I dyed the bottom part of my hair blonde, followed the very regretful raccoon-eyes eyeliner trend, and wore anything with studs on it. After I dyed my hair that first time, I never looked back. I started with very subtle changes like strips of blonde, red tints, and by the end of senior year I went full “Ariel the mermaid”-red. Since then, I’ve had my hair every color of the rainbow! Now that I’ve seen what every color looks like I can safely say that I am the most comfortable when my hair is pink, purple, or any combination of cool colors.


Recently, my hair was pink - which I LOVED. However, my roots were growing in, and I can only handle seeing a natural color in my hair for a short period of time so it was time for a change!

1/7 new hair color back


For this look, I started by bleaching my roots a light bright blonde using a 30 vol developer to get a proper lift. I let it dry overnight, and the next day I broke out alllll the colors. I used:



Rose Gold

Lala Lavendar

Starbright Silver

Crystal Clear


Manic Panic:

Atomic Turquoise

Velvet Violet


Pravana Chromasilk Vivid:



I was originally going to do purple roots into the pink that I already had on the ends, but as I was going through all of the hair dye that I have at home from previous colors I’ve done I couldn’t help but add some pops of blue and some fun silver along the ends (which turned a really cool purple on top of the pink I had!)

1/7 new hair color flip




I am NOT a professional. I dye my hair because it is a true form of expressing myself. I have figured out what methods work - and don't work - when dying my hair, and I only dye my own hair. Just want to put that out there for the lovelies who I know will ask me a bunch of questions on how-to and what-if. I am always happy to share information on what I have done specifically, but understand that everyones hair is different, and I am not formally trained in what to do or not do!