Arielle Frank

Inspirational Reads To Start Off 2018

Arielle Frank
Inspirational Reads To Start Off 2018

If you don’t know this already about me - I’m a huuuuuge nerd. And I absolutely LOVE to read. 

One book that I’ve read three times now is GirlBoss by Nasty Gal’s founder, Sophia Amoruso. This book is all about overcoming the struggle of growing up as an introverted outcast, and finding what her passion is, pretty much by boredom. It’s a great read, with a unique voice. Time and time again this book inspires me to do what I do with 110% passion and never-ending persistence.


Although I love the book, I need something new. 

This has brought me to the hunt of a new read. One about business, but also one that inspires me to get off my ass and create shit that I care about, and want to share.


So, where is the first place I turn to for advice? The internet, of course!

And in my quest to find a book that will get me off my ass and inspire me to do more, feel more, and ACT more I found three books that I can’t wait to start reading.


1. All In by Bill Green

all in cover.jpg


This book popped up on numerous lists, reviews, and websites claiming to be the #1 Best Book for Entrepreneurs in 2017. Now, that’s a pretty huge statement, but after reading a bit about who Bill Green is I was won over. 

Mr. Green is a “serial entrepreneur”. He has been working the hustle since he was a kid, selling newspapers and cookies door-to-door. He is a strong believer in doing what you want to do with all you got or nothing at all. I could list the millions of dollars the companies that he owns or has owned has made in profit, or the thousands of employees that he has lead, but if you're curious about the stats head over to his website:

After working as an entrepreneur for 40+ years, I want to hear what he has to say - and I am looking forward to taking his advice and giving my ALL.


2. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

be obsessed cover.jpg


One look at this guys website and you can tell he’s the real deal. With his own “Cardone University” classes and courses he covers topics from becoming a master at cold calling to managing person finances. 

This book preaches what we all know to be true: you do not get anywhere by being average. In the summary, he speaks of society as breeding mediocrity. If you’ve wanted inspiration to leave the 9-5, and are willing to put in the time and hard work this book looks like a good place to start.


3. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

big magic cover.jpg


A #1 NY Times best-seller, the subtitle of this book is: “Create Living Beyond Fear”.

This is by the author of “Eat, Pray, Love”, and this book is not the memoir of what the author is known for, but more of an instructional self-help book on how to live freely and creatively. This is on the other end of the spectrum from the This is how to start your own career/business books that I have mostly been looking at. But, my biggest struggle as a creative is making my art without having the guilt of not immediately being compensated for my work. I need to learn to let go of having every minute that I spend working on my profession be directly related to money coming in… after all, I am working on my career because it is my PASSION. I just need to work on tapping into the side of me that loves the process, and isn’t so worried about the monetary results. 


Let me know what your thoughts are on the books above! I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned after reading them!